So many times when people are shopping for outdoor furniture they ask themselves, why is there such a difference between what the big box stores are showing and what a furniture or specialty store is showing. The answer is simple, quality.

Think of it this way. When you purchase a new living room set, you look for quality, durability, comfort and style. You know you are going to have it for many years. Now, think of your outdoor furniture with the same aspects. You would not want to replace your living room furniture every year or two, why would you want to do that with your outdoor furniture? When you invest in quality outdoor furniture, you will enjoy the benefits for many years to come. Think of your outdoor furniture as combining inside luxury with outdoor performance.

At Rusbosin Furniture, let one of our design consultants assist you in selecting the custom-order pieces from Telescope Casual Furniture to create your outdoor oasis.  Located in up state New York, Telescope is a family owned business that has been focusing on comfort, style and quality since 1903.

Consider your outdoor area as an extension of your indoor entertaining space.  With a multitude of frames and fabrics to choose from, you can coordinate your outdoor oasis to reflect your individual style.

Conversation group

Chat groups are one of the most popular spaces for the outdoors.  They convey relaxation and comfort and are the perfect place to gather with family & friends.




Fire tables are becoming the focal point of outdoor living.  They draw people together and add luxury, warmth and ambiance to your outdoor space.   We all know how calming it is to relax around a fire.  You are sure to find your family and friends gravitate towards this feature.

For all those who enjoy entertaining in the fresh air, a dining group is essential.  We can help you pick the perfect set so your family and friends may enjoy a relaxing meal.



Telescope Casual Funiture has everything you need to create your dream space.  They offer a large variety of styles,  frames and finishes.  You are able to choose from cushion pillows, padded slings or woven slings in your chose of colors and patterns.  They also offer free sling replacement on select style dining chairs.

Now is the time to invest in your relaxation and comfort with quality outdoor furniture designed specifically for you that you can enjoy for many years.  It’s time to upgrade your oasis with style.