The addition of an are rug can transform any space and give the room a fresh new look.  A simple way to update your decor is to add an area rug.

If your room has a neutral color palate, you may want to pick one color from an accent pillow then choose a patterned rug to bring that color out.  This will breathe life into a subdued room.pizzazz pix 1





You can choose a smaller rug with a bold pattern to highlight a single piece of furniture.  Don’t be afraid to layer an area rug on top of a larger rug.

area rug pic 2

When putting a rug under a dining room table, you want to make sure it extends at least 24 inches beyond each side of the table, and some suggest at least 30 inches.

area rug pic 3

You can bring warmth and whimsy to a child’s room by adding an area rug.  area rug pic 4

Don’t be afraid of textures and shapes.  A unique rug can make an excellent focal point for any space or room.

area rug pic 5                  area rug pic 6

You can also decorate with area rugs.  An interest area rug makes a beautiful artistic statement when used as a wall hanging.

area rug pic 7

Don’t forget rug pads when you are purchasing an area rug.  They are highly recommended for a number of reasons.  They are a great way to protect your hard surface floors from the heavy fibers of the carpet, providing extra slip protection and cushioning under foot.  A rug pad also extends the life of your rug by preventing pile crush and traffic wear patterns.  When using an area rug on an existing rug, you will want a pd with a thick polyester fabric.  On hard surfaces, make sure your pad has a non-slip coating on at least one side.  That side goes on the hard surface to assure the rug stays in place.

area rug pic 9