Whalen F9 pic 4-23-16

“I called the office to talk to Ed and let him know how extremely pleased I was with the delivery and set up of our beautiful living room furniture.  The guys did an excellent job, making sure that it all got off the truck and into the house without a scratch!  Not only that, but they were kind enough to move our old furniture to the garage, which, with just my husband and me, would’ve been a difficult task.

I also wanted to relate to Ed the professionalism that was shown, yet the guys (I feel horrible I can’t remember their names!) made me feel at ease.  It’s not often that we see kindness in this world anymore, so I was pleased to see them smiling through the entire job and being respectful to our home.  Both of them were very personable and I was extremely pleased with their service.  Kudos to you both!

On a different side of our purchase, Nancy spent quite some time showing us our options and the designs available for our living room furniture.  Down to the stitching, we discussed the difference, and when I couldn’t picture a certain option, she found one for me to look at.  My husband Bob and I greatly enjoyed Nancy’s personality in our conversation.  In fact, like good shoppers, we had found the same furniture at a bigger box store after we left Rusbosin.  Nancy was understanding and courteous, and we made our final decision not based on price alone, but on who had taken the time to sit and put together exactly what we wanted AND made us feel comfortable.  Great job!

Rusbosin’s is an awesome place to get great furniture and service from the moment you walk in through their doors until the second their delivery guys leave your yours.

Thank you to everyone at Rusbosin Furniture in Latrobe!  We will be back for sure.”

Bob and Lori, Mt. Pleasant, PA